What You MUST KNOW Before Going With Laser Eye Surgery

surgerieye, 22 july 2009

Is laser eye surgery right for your? I, like many people, have sight correction. Putting in contacts every morning, taking them out at night, and getting that annual exam to change my prescriptions is a pain. Right now, it seems, laser eye surgery for vision correction is a hot trend and is advertised all over. However, what all does the surgery entail and what should I consider when considering laser surgery? There is a lot to it, but it can certainly be a great solution to a big inconvenience.

The first step in consideration of laser eye surgery is to consult with your optometrist. He or she will likely have you stop wearing your contacts for at least two weeks and go only with glasses. The contacts you wear all the time actually make slight changes in your corneal shape, so

you need your eyes to get back to their natural shape. Once your optometrist has evaluated you, he or she will let you know if laser eye surgery for vision correction is a viable option for you. If it is, your doctor will explain all of the risks associated with the surgery, the benefits, and any alternatives available to you. You should ask a lot of questions and be sure you have all of your concerns addressed before you move on.

Vision correcting laser eye surgery is almost completely pain free. Your cornea, the sensitive part of your eye, is anesthetized with special drops that work very quickly. After your laser eye surgery, you may have some mild discomfort as the drops wear off. It is light irritation and should really only last a couple of hours before you will feel normal again. However, the benefits can be great. The surgery itself is very quick, almost instant and lasts less than a minute in most cases. Most people then begin to notice improvement in their vision in the first 3 to 5 days after the procedure. They find great relief in not having to wear glasses or pop in contacts every morning. You will likely have follow up visits to your optometrist to make sure you are progressing as you should and that your eye is healing and correcting properly, but there is not really any follow up procedures that should need to be done. Everything about laser eye surgery is pretty quick and easy in comparison

No matter which kind of laser eye surgery you consider for vision correction, make sure you are educated. Your eyes are sensitive and there certainly are risks to take into account when considering the procedure. So take the time to read up on the laser eye surgery options, talk with your optometrist, and think it over carefully. Once you make the decision, though, just make sure you trust your research and your doctor and enjoy your results. Certainly, laser eye surgery is an increasingly popular procedure, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to make sure it is right for you. Educate yourself and make the decision that is right for you.
by : Christopher Luck

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